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Meet Dr. Shaina DiMariano

Video Review

The doctors here have phenomenal skills and provide compassionate care, which makes it easy for Dr. DiMariano to refer patients here with total confidence.

Shaina refers a doctor from Golden Foothills.

Dr. Shaina DiMariano's Story

"As a referring general dentist, the most important thing that we want to know is that there's continuity of care for our patients and a lot of communication that's going to go on between the specialist and us as doctors. The patients realize that that's happening, and it always comes back as the best outcome for everybody involved. The reason I refer patients to Golden Foothills Oral Surgery is really easy because every report I get back from my patients after their procedure is how phenomenal the skills and the knowledge were of the doctors, but also that they were received with a lot of compassion and care, and it really shows and makes it so easy to refer to them."

Improved Oral Health and Confidence Starts Here

We look forward to being a part of your journey to a healthier smile, improved confidence, and overall better living.