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Meet Dr. Jeffrey Kwong

Video Review

Dr. Kwong works harmoniously with this office because of this team’s excellent level of communication and commitment to patient care.

Jeffrey refers a doctor from Golden Foothills.

Dr. Jeffrey Kwong's Story

"The doctors at Golden Foothills are fantastic. They are great communicators. I find that in a private practice setting that's really important to me, and as a specialist myself, that's the differentiator for what makes a great specialist, is those who can reach out and know when to reach out. They do a great job with that. [It’s] a nice, harmonious relationship because again, the communication is there. He makes it easy, he makes me feel comfortable, and I know that he has my patients’ best interests in mind. Just knowing that I have people that I can trust is a very big thing. Patients take our recommendations very seriously. They want to know who I would want procedures done on myself, and I trust Dr. Liberty to do those types of things. I would absolutely continue to recommend my patients to Golden Foothills. They communicate very well and they will continue to do so, and I continue to keep sending patients to them as well."

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