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Meet Dr. Madeline Majer

Video Review

Dr. Majer refers patients to this practice with confidence because this team practices great communication and provides her patients with personalized care.

Madeline refers a doctor from Golden Foothills.

Dr. Madeline Majer's Story

"I refer to Golden Foothills because the doctors here value patient care and I know that they are going to receive the best treatment that's really appropriate for them specifically. They're also excellent about communicating with me in terms of the care that my patients are receiving. So I know the communication here gives me so much confidence in referring my patients to this practice. They really support the patient through the entire process from the start to the end. Dr. Liberty is great with my patients. They always come back saying that they love him, that they feel very confident with the treatment that they're going to get. He's just really able to connect with the patients. He spends so much time with them, and I know that they have full confidence in what he's going to be doing for them."

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