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Meet Dr. Evan Kania

Video Review

Dr. Kania’s patients receive top-notch care at this office. They always come back raving about the amazing care they received and the friendliness of the staff.

Evan Kania recommends a doctor from Golden Foothills.

Dr. Evan Kania's Story

"I refer my patients up to Golden Foothills because the quality of care that they receive and that the quality of dentistry and oral surgery that's performed is top-notch. The best thing about working with Golden Foothills Oral Surgery is just what patients come back saying. They always are raving about how friendly the staff is, how awesome it is working with the oral surgeons who take time to explain what's going on, what's going to happen. They call them the night after to see how everything went. So it's just great knowing that when I refer someone out of my office and I expect them to receive a certain type of care, that they're getting that and experiencing that with them."

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