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Meet Greg

Video Review

Greg recommended that his fiancée, Linda, come to Golden Foothills Oral & Facial Surgery for an emergency tooth extraction. With its warm and inviting staff, paired with Dr. Liberty's expertise, Linda’s extraction was quick and comfortable.


Greg's Story

"Hi, my name is Greg, and I'm from Placerville. I recommended my fiancée to Golden Foothills for an emergency extraction. My first impressions were that this practice was very clean. It smelled great. The staff here is amazing. The doctors here are extremely professional. They know what they're doing, and I would trust them with anyone in my family. The procedure was successful, and she had a rapid recovery after that. Linda is doing great now and she's living every day to the fullest. Getting to see Linda's beautiful smile every day fills my heart with love. The experience here was beyond excellent. For my friends and family in Diamond Springs and Placerville, I highly recommend Golden Foothills. "

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